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Father's Day gifts that won't (hopefully) end up in the bin

Father's Day is just around the corner - so don't let the 15th June creep up on you. We all have this problem. What to get Dad that won't end up on a dusty shelf in the garage, or rammed into that back bit of the roof space. Well, fear not - we're here to help!

1. More political drama than a family road-trip to The Mournes: House of Cards

Friends make the worst enemies.


House Of Cards - Season 1 (DVD + UV Copy)


2. For any aspiring brewmeisters: Brewbuddy Home-brew Starter Kit


Brew Buddy Lager 40 Pints Home Brew Starter Kit


3. Dad can take notes from Northern Ireland's very own super-Father, Liam Neeson: Taken/Taken 2 box-set

He just can't keep a handle on his daughter...

Taken / Taken 2 Double Pack [DVD] [2008]


4. Does Dad have a terrible taste in music? Make the entire family happy with: AKG K518 Headphones

Dad can listen to The Eagles in peace...

AKG K518 High Performance Closed Back Foldable DJ Headphones - Black/Neon Red


5. For the "I need coffee to function" Dad: Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker

Hot stuff!

Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker


6. Challenge him to build a robot out of circuit-boards and Lego: Raspberry Pi Starter-kit

Johnny Five - it's alive!!

Raspberry PI Starter Kit


7. It's not Father's Day without some sort of WWII movie-fest. Kick it off with: The Monuments Men (2014)

John Goodman, what a legend


The Monuments Men [Blu-ray]


8. And what goes well with a Hollywood war-time blockbuster? A wee dram... : Bushmills Irish Honey

Where sweet meets spice...

Bushmills Liqueurs Irish Honey Blended Flavoured Whiskey 70 cl


9. Finally; for the part-time Dad, full-time gamer: Watch Dogs (PS4)

Real men game

Watch Dogs (PS4)


*All prices accurate at time of publication - subject to change and availability


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