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Top 10 Christmas Presents For Girls 2013

If you believe everything you hear, kids are becoming ever more sophisticated but if the letters in Santa’s mail box these days are anything to go by, there’s still plenty of room for the more traditional toys too.

With everything to play for, from dolls boasting bodily functions to pink vintage Roller-style ride-ons, poor Mr Claus has a mind-boggling array of gifts to source before his late night dash around the world on Christmas Eve – and let’s face it, he’s not getting any younger.

In a bid to make his life easier we’ve taken a look at amazon.co.uk to see what gifts are already making an appearance in the ‘most wished for’ lists from girls.

Below you will find, in no particular order, the presents we believe will find their way onto Santa’s sleigh this year. Please note, prices were correct at time of publishing.


1. Pink VTech Inno Tab 3

VTech InnoTab 3 (Pink)

If it’s for a girl it’s gotta be pink…hasn’t it? Introducing your child’s first multimedia touchscreen tablet. Aimed at kids aged three to nine it features a 4.3 inch touchscreen, a two megapixel rotatable photo/video camera, 2GB of onboard memory, a microSD card slot for expandable memory, media players for MP3s, photos, and videos, and a directional-pad. Better than my laptop! Price at time of publication - £34.99


2. Mamas & Papas Mini Dolls Buggy Pushchair Stroller Pram

Mamas & Papas Mini Dolls Buggy Pushchair Stroller Pram

It’s hard to tell the difference between the doll’s pram and the real thing – but then that’s the whole idea! Your little girl – or boy, in this age of equality – can treat their favourite doll or teddy to a spin in this replica of the fullsize Mamas & Papas version. Its clever two-way system easily converts from a pram to a pushchair – perfect for role play. Price at time of publication - £37.89


3. Monster High School

Monster High High School

Derek Acorah eat your heart out. The dolls of this fold-out play set really will haunt the halls of Monster High School. The spooky kit includes lockable lockers with skull locks, a mad science classroom, ‘casketball’ court, and a lunchtime ‘Creepateria’ with a DJ booth. Price at time of publication - £73.99


4. Temporary tattoos

Assorted Pack of 50 Girls Favourite Temporary Tattoos

Every little girl wants a tattoo… doesn’t she? And this cute kit has them all, from ponies and dolphins, to fairies and flowers. The perfect stocking filler. Price at time of publication - £6.45


5. V-Tech Toot Toot Driver’s Garage

VTech Toot-Toot Drivers Garage (Pink)

I always envied my cousin his garage, with its crank handle lift and hairpin ramp… but envy no more, for now little girls have their own pink version too. And rightly so. The set introduces numbers and music to kids, and encourages early development of important skills – like good manners on the road. Price at time of publication - £23.33


6. Disney Princess Favourite Moments Storybook Cinderella Playset

Disney Princess Favorite Moments Storybook Cinderella Playset

This must be the perfect gift – it ticks the ‘educational’ box for the adults (it encourages reading skills) but it’s full of fun fashions too – and, of course, a fairtytale princess. Those Disney designers know what they’re at! The turn of every page is a complete interactive experience allowing girls to read the story book and use the included fashions to act out fairytale scenes. Price at time of publication - £18.99


7. Top Trumps Bond Girls Card Game

Top Trumps Bond Girls Card Game

At first glance, this looks like a strike back for Girl Power – but with the curves of leggy lovelies like Bond beauties like Vesper Lynd, the ferocious May Day and even Honey Ryder it’ll doubtless appeal to daddies too. Find out who wins on Style & Charm, Brutality and Twisted Mind in this Top Trump family favourite. Price at time of publication - £5.37


8. Radica Girl Tech Password Journal Electronic Diary

Radica Girl Tech Password Journal Electronic Diary - Pink Version

What little girl doesn’t love a secret and this journal allows you to protect yours while listening to your favourite music on your MP3 player. This sleek new design features a cover that stays locked until you say your secret password and then locks automatically when you close it. Completely brother-proof. Price at time of publication - £54.04


9. Barbie Fashion Store Cash Register

Barbie Fashion Store Cash Register

No sleigh can be considered fully loaded unless it’s packing some of these timeless classics from Barbie. Kids can role play and pretend to shop while paying with the play money and saving with discount coupons that all come with the set. Price at time of publication - £29.95


10. One Direction messenger bag

One Direction Messenger Shoulder Bag - Red

Ignore them at your peril – the fab five will doubtless creep into top 10s throughout infinity – and beyond. This cool satchel means your little girl can always have her favourite boys by her side. Price at time of publication -£11.99


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