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Top 10 Christmas Presents For Men 2013

Socks and hankies – they’re the perennial default settings when it comes to pressies for the men in our lives.

Alongside greetings cards picturing greenhouses or harbours, there really is a dearth of ideas out there for the blokes of today.

But with a little imagination it’s not that hard to brighten up their Christmas morning and find them something other than car washing gift packs – though these, it’s said, are always appreciated too.

We’ve taken a look at to see what gifts are out there for the geezers in our lives. Below you will find, in no particular order, the gifts we believe will keep your man happy this festive season. Please note, prices were correct at time of publishing.


1. Novelty cufflinks

Novelty Cufflinks Iphone

These iphone-style cufflinks are a fun take on a practical gift. Just make sure though he has a suitable shirt to put them in. Price at time of publication - £11.99


2. Retro wallet

Marvel Retro Exterior Print Men's Wallet

Spending money isn’t as hard with this fun retro-style wallet featuring the favourite Marvel heroes. Price at time of publication - £11.68


3. Beard hat

Wacky Beard Hat

Men with woolly faces take on a whole new look with this novelty spin on the hat. Chapped lips will be a thing of the past in this cosy knitted beard and beanie combo Price at time of publication - £8.99


4. Apron

Novelty Kitchen Chef's Apron

Flattery will get you everywhere – with any luck! Tell him he’s an awesome chef and hopefully the prophecy will self-fulfil. Price at time of publication - £14.99


5. Trapper hat

Trapper Hat

Get in touch with your wild side with this trapper-style hat. There’ll be no room for drafts once this is in place. It might be styled for the outback but you won’t look that ridiculous in the suburbs! Price at time of publication - £12.50


6. Body cream

Clarins Unisex Moisturising Soft Body Lotion

Clarins market this as a unisex product so it’ll appeal to all those metrosexual men out there who aren’t afraid to get in touch with their feminine sides. After all, why should the ladies have all the soft skin… Price at time of publication - £29.79


7. Handerpants


He’ll never have cold hands again thanks to these cheeky ‘handerpants’ – complete with Y-opening… though heaven knows why! Price at time of publication - £7.99


8. Messenger bag

Leather Satchel Shoulder Bag


At last it’s ok for men to carry bags – and why wouldn’t they. Where else can they put their paraphernalia. This satchel look combines practicality with style. Price at time of publication - £19.99


9. Top Gear Guide to Britain

The Top Gear Guide to Britain

Love them or loathe them, it’s hard to escape this ménage a trios – especially on Dave. Cited as ‘a celebration of the fourth best country in the world’ this tome is packed with the guys’ usual tongue in cheek sarcasm and ill-fitting jeans. Price at time of publication - £7.00


10. Men and sheds

Men and Sheds

It has been said that a shed is to a man what a handbag is to a woman - both contain all the essentials for surviving in the modern world and in the same way that no decent man would ever consider looking in a woman's handbag uninvited, so no reasonable woman would dream of setting foot in a man's shed. This book is a study of over 40 men and their sheds around the UK, a quirky look at the personalities and the passions hidden within the shed. Price at time of publication - £5.86


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