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Top 10 Christmas Presents For Women 2013


It’s your chance to show that special lady in your life just how much she means to you – so no pressure then!


And it’s not always how much you spend but the thought that goes into the gift which spells back o’ the net or over the bar in terms of present success - or failure.


So to make sure you score this Christmas morning we’ve taken a look at amazon.co.uk to see what gifts are out there for the mums, wives, sisters and daughters in your life.


Below you will find, in no particular order, the goodies we believe will earn you extra pudding this Christmas Day.


Please note, prices were correct at time of publishing.


1. Herb seed gift set

Herb Garden Seed Kit Gift Box - 6 Different Herbs to Grow

Appeal to The Good Life a la Felicity Kendal in your good lady this year with this grow-your-own windowsill herb garden. It’s got everything you need to spice up meals times - basil, parsley, thyme, chives, coriander and rocket seeds – along with growing pots, peat blocks and plant markers and growing tips included. Price at time of publication - £12.99


2. Hot stone therapy pack

Hot Stone Therapy Pack

Even if you don’t quite get what this is all about, the lady in your life will – and will thank you for your thoughtfulness. The gift pack provides an age-old therapy dating back 5,000 years - when heated, the rocks penetrate the muscles and ease tension. The cool stones soothe inflammation. Price at time of publication - £17.49


3. Best wife mug

Simply The Best Wife Mug

It’s not the most original gift in the world but it does what it says on the… well, the mug really. But if you’re feeling really romantic – and flush - you could wrap up something expensive inside the mug for her to find as well. Price at time of publication - £5.99


4. Onesie

Full Length Fleece Onesie

They sure ain’t the sexiest clobber in the world and they’re quite a departure from the frilly undies you might usually buy – but your lady will love your thoughtfulness. Price at time of publication - £25.99


5. In-car hair straighteners

In-car hair straighteners with ceramic plates

Whatever you do make sure the car is safely parked before you start brandishing these – but they could be a life-saver for those mornings that just seem to get away from you. Plug them into your cigarette lighter and you’ve got style on the move. Price at time of publication - £9.88


6. Lost dogs and lonely hearts

Lost Dogs and Lonely Hearts

Perennial favourite Lucy Dillon doesn’t disappoint with this easy festive read of heart-warming romance and lost dogs. The lady in your life will fall in love with Bertie the bassett and Toffee the Labrador… a very British Marley and Me. Price at time of publication - £5.24


7. Calvin Klein Contradiction

Calvin Klein Contradiction Eau de Parfum

Scent is always a very acceptable gift and this modern classic from Calvin Klein won’t disappoint thanks to its blend of rose, peony, jasmine, lily of the valley, eucalyptus, pear blossom, orchid, syringe, sandalwood, - not forgetting the humble tonka bean. Price at time of publication - £23.17


8. Fendi designer bag

Fendi women's leather shoulder bag pink


Put your wallet where your mouth is with this stunning pink dotty designer leather shoulder bag from fashion house Fendi – a real statement piece! Price at time of publication - £986.00


9. Vivienne Westwood watch

Vivienne Westwood Gold Exhibitor Square Watch

The simple lines of this classic timepiece belie its creator – the flamboyant Vivienne Westwood – but it’s sure to appeal to any style-conscious woman who doesn’t like to be late…fashionably or otherwise. Price at time of publication - £198.99



Teddy Bear Plush Slippers

Your lady need never have cold feet again thanks to these cute teddy slippers – perfect to slip into at the end of a busy Christmas Day… ahhhhh. Price at time of publication - £17.99