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TeleBest: Party gadgets from Robot Rock and Chocs Away to Trip the light fantastic

By Keeley Bolger

Set the scene for a party to remember this festive period with the help of these nifty gadgets.

Robot Rock: Star Wars C-3PO Bluetooth Speaker, £149, Selfridges (in store only)

Make your party out of this world with the help of this C-3PO speaker. The shiny gold speaker is about the size and shape of a human head - meaning, if nothing else, pesky wine glasses and plates won't be able to be perched on it - and comes on a black stand. Once you've locked on to a Bluetooth connection via a tablet or smartphone, C-3PO will let you know by a flash of his eyes and a quick blast of the Star Wars opening theme music, before leaving you to hook up to your own playlists or switch to a radio station.

Have Some Bottle: Wine Cooler, £69.99, Currys

Canapes, beers, cakes... throwing a party can often mean forfeiting much-needed fridge space. A wine cooler is an investment requiring room, as well as the initial outlay, but if you host regularly, it could free up your fridge. This one by Currys holds up to eight bottles and is set so the wine is kept at the optimum temperature. If nothing else, buying one is a valid excuse to stock up on some fizz.

Chocs Away: Gourmet Gadgetry Chocolate Fountain, currently £29.99, down from £32.99, Lakeland

Who needs a buffet or canapes when you can provide a molten chocolate shower to dunk fruit, biscuits or marshmallows into? This chocolate fountain by Lakeland has three tiers for the chocolate to glide down. Melt your chocolate first - you'll need at least 900g to get the fountain in full flow - and then when the motor is on, add the sweet stuff to the stainless steel tiers and dive in before anyone else has a chance.

Trip the light fantastic: iDance BB10(BK) Disco Lights Bluetooth Party Ball, currently £49.99, down from £59.99, Argos

You'll need to dim the lights to use this compact gadget - and for two good reasons. Firstly, once it's plugged into the mains, you can set the party ball to cycle through a pretty light sequence, spinning patterns on to your walls and ceilings. And secondly, to hide your blushes if you plan on using the karaoke function too. There are two sockets for microphones - though just one mic is included - and you can stream songs to sing along to via a Bluetooth connection and hum, harmonise or humiliate yourself to your heart's content.

Into The Light: ProSound LED Pod Disco Light, currently £29.99, down from £49.99, Maplin

Bring the party home with you with the help of some fancy lights. This LED set is easy to assemble and small enough to cart from room to room. Although hexagonal in design, each of the six light pods can connect to each other to create different shapes. Left alone, the pod will perform a multi-coloured light display, but it also responds to sound. If that doesn't cut it, you can also manually adjust the speed of the light display.

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