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In my day: We quiz Beverley Brown on the time of her life

Q. What was your decade?

A. 1980s

Q. What was life like?

A. Simpler and slower but maybe I just remember it that way. Certainly we actually spoke to people more often rather than communicating via a keyboard.

Q. What were you listening to?

A. Nik Kershaw, Wham!, Madonna and A-ha.

Q. And the style?

A. Bad! Ra-ra skirts, velvet peddle pushers and batwing jumpers but I'm sure I thought I looked fabulous.

Q. What has changed?

A. Everything and nothing. My 12-year-old niece communicates via social media instead of the telephone but still rolls the waistband of her school skirt to make it shorter as every teenager did in 1980s.

Q. What was better back then?

A. Heinz puddings that came in a tin and you boiled them in water.

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