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Air New Zealand offers 'skycouch' for passengers

Passengers using Air New Zealand’s ‘Skycouch’ will have to pay for three seats on the plane

Economy class passengers are to be offered ‘cuddle class’ beds by an airline but at a price — they will have to buy three seats to qualify.

Air New Zealand said its ‘Skycouch’ will use three economy seats that unfold to create a space where children can play or people can relax and sleep.

The deal is aimed at couples and families, and will be the price of about two and a half seats. “For those who choose, the days of sitting in economy and yearning to lie down and sleep are gone,” chief executive Rob Fyfe said. “The dream is now a reality, one that you can even share with a travelling companion —just keep your clothes on thanks.”

The ‘Skycouch’ was developed by Air New Zealand designers and engineers.

To create the bed, leg rests rise up to fill the space between rows of seats. A thin mattress is placed on top and full size pillows are provided. The result is a level bed across three seats, although it is not completely even due to the seat contours.

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