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Airport parking costs 'ridiculous'


Airport car parking rates range from 'sublimely low to ridiculously high'

Airport car parking rates range from 'sublimely low to ridiculously high'

Airport car parking rates range from 'sublimely low to ridiculously high'

Prices for parking at airports can range "from sublimely low to ridiculously high", a Which? Car survey has shown.

The magazine looked at the cost of seven days' parking at 15 of the UK's busiest airports.

The cheapest was the Purple Parking company's £19.84 park-and-ride option at Manchester airport, while the priciest was business parking at Heathrow at £88.70.

This was £35 more expensive than the cheapest spaces at the west London airport which were £53.95 for an off-airport option, also offered by Purple Parking.

The survey also showed that the cheapest options for an overnight hotel stay plus seven days' parking were £71 for the Comfort Inn at Heathrow and £65 for the Europa Hotel at Gatwick while the most-expensive overnight/parking was at the Sofitel Heathrow at £198.58 and the Hilton Gatwick at £139.

Some of the cheapest seven-day, on-site parking options were at Belfast International (£23), Liverpool (£27.99) and Bristol (£29), the survey found.

The cheapest off-site options included £21 at Belfast International, £23.50 at Bristol and £23.99 at Liverpool.

Which? Car said: "Travellers from the UK's major airports now have more choice than ever. As well as standard park-and-ride, long-term car parks, there are meet-and-greet services that let you leave the car at the terminal, and a range of deals that include car valeting, servicing, or even a night's hotel accommodation in the price.

"However, this means prices can range from sublimely low to ridiculously high. And just because you pay for a particular service, such as meet-and-greet, it's not guaranteed to take the strain out of your journey.

You could still face a lengthy wait outside the terminal building for your car to arrive, the car park could give you back the wrong keys, or even put miles on your car or flatten its battery while you're away."