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Belfast is beautiful, says tech billionaire Elon Musk after visit

By Jonathan Bell

US tech billionaire Elon Musk hailed Belfast as “beautiful” after he visited the city with his family, but scotched hopes he was on the hunt for an investment opportunity.

The entrepreneur, who is behind the Tesla motor company and space exploration firm SpaceX, visited the set of Game of Thrones on Queen’s Island on Wednesday.

His visit sparked feverish speculation he was on a lookout for an investment opportunity - but responding to the Belfast Telegraph he dismissed it saying he was only on a visit to the television show sets.

Mr Musk was in the city for a few hours with his children to see the set of the hit HBO show which had provided a huge boost to local tourism.

He said he loved the show and was a fan of the books by creator George RR Martin. He later enjoyed dinner at a city pub.

“Belfast is beautiful,” he said after his visit.

Musk also pledged that super chargers for his company’s electric vehicles “should be coming soon” to Northern Ireland.

The South African-born Mr Musk made his fortune in the first internet boom in the early 90s with online city guide Zip2.

He later founded a financial services company that subsequently became PayPal which was sold to eBay for $1.5bn in stock in 2002.

In the years since, he founded SpaceX and became chief executive of the Tesla motor company, which produces only electric cars.

In February, SpaceX launched the most powerful rocket ever into space - and carried Mr Musk’s Tesla Roadster up with it.

The rocket is said to be capable of revolutionising space travel because its boosters are re-usable.

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