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Fall for the magic of autumn - Northern Ireland magical landscapes rival those of New England

Forget New England in the Fall, Northern Ireland has its own charm in this "season of mists and mellow fruitfulness", as the Romantic poet John Keats wrote so powerfully.

Just look at these enchanting pictures of the province's landscape as the year wends its way - slowly this year - towards winter.

See the squirrel and the hedgehog prepare their stores for the days when food will be in short supply.

Marvel at the kaleidoscope of colour as leaves turn to russet, seemingly one at a time, before falling to the ground in a rustling carpet which it is irresistible to walk through without kicking them into the air in a swirling cloud.

Given the generally temperate weather this autumn, if you forget the recent heavy rain, it is a magical time of the year - still warm enough for an evening stroll, for children to play outside, and still bright enough, until the clocks go back, to make us forget that the dark days of winter will soon be here.

For a photographer, as these pictures by Mark Marlow show, it is a wonderful season, producing its own time-lapse vistas as the leaves and flowers simultaneously show the last remnants of summer glory and an early glimpse of the days to come.

It is the time of year when nature winds down, a reminder that, for some of us, it is the autumn of our lives, but also an encouragement that, come the spring, both the landscape and ourselves will be reinvigorated.

But most of all it is the season when mankind and nature are in their closest communion.

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