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Hanoi, Vietnam: Apricot Hotel opens with tribute to Vietnamese art

By Claire Cromie

The new five-star Apricot Hotel has opened in Hanoi, Vietnam, promising a journey through the history of Vietnamese art and culture.

The 123-room property offers panoramic views of Hanoi’s iconic Hoan Kiem Lake - and is just as beautiful on the inside where it is adorned with Vietnamese artworks.

"Our guests are bound to leave the city with a deeper appreciation of the Vietnamese art scene, from the country’s master painters to contemporary phenomenons," said the hotel’s representative Phuong Nam Nguyen.

Works by some of the nation’s most renowned artists will line the hotel’s lobby and corridors for its grand opening on December 14, leading to the lavish Avanti theatre and ballroom.

The luxurious hotel has a fine dining restaurant, a rooftop terrace bar and heated pool overlooking Hanoi’s skyline and a multi-level basement theatre featuring a stage that hovers between two floors.

The hotel’s five categories of rooms and suites are aptly named Sketch, Canvas, Studio, Gallery and Masterpiece, tracing the evolution of a prized artwork from inception to reception.

"There’s no better place to indulge the luxurious and culturally enriching than at Apricot Hotel, especially during the festive season," said Nguyen.

The site on which Apricot Hotel has been built is steeped in history stretching back 1,000 years.

It was part of a hamlet that dates to the Ly Dynasty (1009-1225) as an ancient painting village.

Nam Huong Temple originally stood on the land where Apricot stands today, and was succeeded by both the French Chamber of Commerce and the Phu Gia Hotel.

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