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Women pack more than they wear

Nearly all women do not wear all the clothes they take on holiday but almost half buy things when away as they have forgotten to pack them, a survey has shown.

Women generally take far more clothes than men do and spend more time packing than their partners, the poll of 2,011 adults by found.

As much as 90% of women end up not donning all the clothes they pack, but 43% have to buy items on holiday through forgetful packing; the top forgotten items being sun cream, toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo and sunglasses.

Men pack 25% fewer pairs of underwear than women for a two-week holiday and 18% of women take five or more pairs of shoes away compared with 1% of men.

A total of 17% of women pack a week or more in advance, compared to 8% of men, while 2% of men do not pack at all as their partner does it for them.

Bob Atkinson, of travelsupermarket, said: "It probably comes as no surprise that women pack more than men, but it's amazing how many people forget the essentials when they go away and end up spending more than they need to on things they already own at home.

"What we take on holiday is important, and where you go obviously has a huge impact on what needs to be packed."

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