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Andy Burnham: Tesco has not taken a responsible attitude to face coverings

Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham has accused Tesco of failing to be 'Covid-safe' over the use of masks, accusing the supermarket giant of not taking a 'responsible attitude'. He told the Lords economic affairs committee that local leaders had called for the Government to hand over powers to take targeted enforcement action against firms that fail to protect staff and customers. 'We asked for summary closure powers of all premises that were not deemed to be Covid-safe,' Mr Burnham said. 'I’m not just talking about pubs and restaurants. There are large supermarkets in Greater Manchester who in my view have not properly implemented the requirements around face coverings. And I’ll name one chain: Tesco. 'I don’t believe they’ve taken a responsible attitude to this issue, they’ve said it’s not for them to enforce. Well I do think it is for those organisations to enforce.'

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