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Artist spends pandemic isolation recreating famous artwork with her dog

When an artist found herself isolated at home during the pandemic, she spent the time dressing up her dog to recreate famous pieces, gaining thousands of fans in the process. Eliza Reinhardt, 25 from Texas, and three-year-old Finn took part in the Getty Museum Challenge in May, which invited art lovers to recreate a piece using objects they found at home. However, the pair found they enjoyed it so much, they have done it every weekday since – recreating many famous pieces and gaining legions of fans for their work. The duo now also sell postcards and calendars of their work. Ms Reinhardt became a “full-time dog mother” to three-year-old Finn after she lost her job in March. She had been working at a museum and interning at a gallery but with both forced to close she wanted to find a way to channel her creativity.

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