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Audio: House of horrors neighbour thought 'creepy' Keith Baker was 'in a cult'

The Co Armagh property which hid an horrific secret for many years, remains in a dishevelled and neglected state

Some five years have passed since the house of horrors was exposed and the crimes committed by Keith Baker (62) and his wife Caroline (56) came to light.

Today, the house in Drumellan Mews is occupied by new owners who have no connection to the Baker family.

Target marks have been drawn on the side of the house, which has also been partially repainted after the words 'house of horrors' were scrawled on the side.

Shocked neighbours said they believed that Keith Baker was the leader of a polygamous cult that treated the two women in the house - wife Caroline Baker and Mandy Highfield, who would later report the Bakers to the police - as servants.

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