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Audio: Sinn Fein's Gerry Adams continues his defence of using n-word in tweet

Gerry Adams has said he has "never seen myself as white" as he continues to explain why he felt it necessary to use the N-word in a tweet.

Mr Adams apologised for using the word, but said there were similarities between the struggle of black Americans and Irish nationalists.

On Tuesday morning his continued to justify his argument.

Speaking on Drogheda radio station LMFM, in his Louth constituency Mr Adams said he did not identify himself as white.

He said: "I was comparing the African Americans to people in Ballymurphy. So if anybody should be offended it's the people from Ballymurphy. Because if you read the tweet, I was describing Django, who was the main character as a 'Ballymurphy n-word and an uppity fenian.

"It was inappropriate, I'm sorry that I used it.

Clip courtesy of LMFM

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