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Baby girl defies odds by surviving severe stroke in the womb

The doting parents of a baby girl, who survived a stroke in the womb and surgery to remove her limbs – including two fingers which “fell off” as she was bathed - have said she still has the “biggest, brightest smile” despite her troubles. Just four months old, Darcie-May Ferris has already undergone six operations to gradually remove her hands and arms, which turned black and began to rot due to clots in her shoulders cutting off the blood supply. The same clots also caused a stroke in the right side of her brain before she was even born, leaving her mum, accounts manager Amy Cawley, 27, and dad, prison officer Alex Ferris, 26, of Verwood, Dorset, fearing she would not survive the pregnancy. But despite her rocky start – which included spending the first six weeks of her life in hospital - Darcie’s future is looking bright, according to her parents, who are fundraising to help pay for her ongoing care. To donate visit https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-our-daughter-have-a-better-quality-of-life

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