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Bearded lady pole dancer embraces facial hair after marriage break-up

A super-fit pole dancer has revealed how she marked the break-up of a 15-year relationship by growing a beard, after two decades of plucking and shaving her face. Plagued by facial hair since she was just 14, Hope Schmerfeld, 38, of Oklahoma City, USA, has shaved, waxed and even had laser treatment in a bid to rid herself of the unwanted fuzz – finally adopting a daily two-hour ritual of plucking out each individual hair. Hope – who now pole dances as a hobby, but performed professionally until five years ago – finally ditched the tweezers after a heartbreaking split with her long-term partner, who she does not wish to name, earlier this year. Much happier since she has allowed her stubble to grow, Hope, who now works on a mushroom farm, said: “For years I was weighed down by the shame of my unusual appearance.

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