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Belfast Coroner's Court finds the 1972 shooting of IRA man unjustified

Danny Bradley, brother of Seamus Bradley, reacts to ruling in Belfast Coroner's Court that found that the soldier who shot him had been unjustified. The 19-year-old IRA man was killed by a soldier from the Royal Scots Regiment on July 31 during Operation Motorman - an Army attempt to gain control of republican areas in Belfast and Derry that had previously been considered no-go zones for the security forces. The Army claimed the teenager was shot while he was in a tree in Bishop's Field in Derry and suffered additional injuries as he fell. His family alleged he sustained fatal injuries, including a broken neck, while being interrogated and tortured by soldiers. However, coroner judge Patrick Kinney rejected both those versions of events as he ruled at Belfast Coroner's Court.

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