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Belfast Telegraph RunHer Coastal Challenge 2016 - main video

Record numbers of runners turned out for the Belfast Telegraph RunHer Coastal event on Friday evening, May 20.

Heading for 1,500 runners took part in the scenic Belfast Lough challenge, split between the 5K and 10K offering.

The 5K began at Rockport school and threaded its way to Crawfordsburn Country Park; but it was the challenge of the 10K route from Seapark to Crawfordsburn that proved the most popular.

Race Director Michael Jenkins from organisers Pure Running said “This is a special year for us with the 10th anniversary of RunHer; and we've been delighted by the response to our Coastal challenge. "

As always, it's been a brilliant event and our thanks go out to all those who competed or helped".

Videographers: Gary Grattan and Martin Nelson


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