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Boris Johnson on Reading attack: Senseless murder' will not change our way of life

Following the Forbury Gardens fatal stabbings, Boris Johnson said the Government will not let a “senseless murder” intimidate people into changing their lives. Reading East MP Matt Rodda asked during PMQs in the Commons: “Will the Prime Minister ensure that the investigation now receives all the resources it needs and that our town is properly supported? “We have a strong and diverse community, we can and we will get through this together.” Mr Johnson replied: “It was a really extraordinary moment but it was also, of course, an appalling crime and an appalling tragedy and we will make sure that obviously there is a case that must now be properly proceeded with and I would just make two comments. “First of all, if there are any lessons that we need to learn about the way we handle things in the future then we will of course learn those lessons and act in this Parliament and by this Government.”

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