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Brave girl with leukaemia to spend Christmas in isolation after bone marrow transplant

A brave little girl who has been battling leukaemia for three long years is determined to have a laugh on Christmas Day, despite having to spend it in isolation in hospital recovering from a bone marrow transplant. Diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia – an aggressive cancer affecting the white blood cells – in July 2016, Imogen Roe, nine, had two years of gruelling chemotherapy, before being given the all clear in January this year, only for disease to return in July. Her parents, supermarket worker Anna Dagless, 37, and insurance worker Dean Roe, 39, hoped her twin, Charlotte, might be able to donate the bone marrow she needed – only to discover that, because she was an identical twin with the same DNA, she could not be a donor, and was also at risk of developing leukaemia. When the couple of Norfolk, Norwich, were told they would not be the best match and their son, Liam, 10, was ruled out because of juvenile arthritis- for which he has also received chemotherapy- the family were despairing, until Imogen was matched with a donor in the USA, and the transplant was performed on November 29. Now recovering in the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children, where she will remain over Christmas and beyond, her mum, Anna, said: β€œShe will be in isolation this Christmas. We will be happy if we can get her home by Easter.

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