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Video: Belfast's Waterfront Hall showcases new £29.5m extension

Business people - both local and from across the UK and further afield - were at Belfast's Waterfront Hall today to get a taste of what the new £29.5m extension has to offer.

Susie McCullough, director of sales and marketing for Belfast Waterfront Hall, explained that the key purpose of the project was to double the size of the building.

"It means we are now in a position to bring new international business to the city.

"The aspiration is that over the next five years that investment will return £100m into the local economy with delegates and visitors coming here to spend their money throughout Belfast," she said.

"The Waterfront was always a circular building so as a delegate or visitor you couldn't walk around it as back of house is where the offices are.

"Now with this new extension, people can walk right around the building. All of the spaces are integrated and the views over the river are just stunning."

The new extension includes two new major halls.

Hall 1 can accommodate 1,000 people but can also be split into four separate sections for smaller events.

Hall 2 can cater for around 800 people and can be divided into two separate areas.

In addition there are 17 new boardrooms and meeting rooms.

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