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Circus performer gets creative with lockdown training

Contortionist Stephanie Bates would normally be touring across the UK with the Circus of Horrors at this time of year . Her Iron Jaw act sees her hoisted high up into the air and supported only by a mouthpiece which she grips with her teeth. Stephanie said she had moved her training to her garden – and now looks after dogs to fill her free time. The 35-year-old, from Wimbledon in south-west London, said: “It’s very easy to think ‘I’m just going to sit back and not do anything’. “Then before you know it, you can’t lift yourself up like you used to, or I can’t hang by my teeth like I did before. “I do have a free-standing pull-up bar, so at the moment we have got that in the garden, and I can hang some silks from it, or put my mouthpiece on it and hang from that.”

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