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Covid-19 testing: The different types and why is it so important?

The Government has announced two new tests for coronavirus and flu, which can return results in just 90 minutes, are to be deployed in hospitals, care homes and laboratories from next week. The tests have been hailed as a crucial instrument in the fight against the pandemic, especially as the UK heads into the colder months. There are two types of test; the swab test and the finger-prick test, used to test if a person has Covid-19 or once had the virus. The two current test available has some setbacks, mainly being the amount of time it takes to process results, between 24-72 hours to get results. The main thing with the news test, yet to be introduced, is the speed with which they are able to detect not just Covid-19, but also other seasonal illnesses. This will be crucial as Britain heads into winter, as will easily identify if sufferers will need to self-isolate.

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