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Daily politics briefing: February 6

A look at the key figures and dates in the world of politics on February 6 after former health secretary Jeremy Hunt said suppressing the virus now should be a key part of plans to deal with potential new variants. He told BBC Breakfast: “The worry that we have to really plan for is that we will have a new mutation that will be immune to the vaccines we are giving out at the moment. “In order to make sure we do not get caught out by that again we need to get transmission levels down to the kind of levels where we can do incredibly thorough contact tracing like they do in Korea and Taiwan – several hundred people sometimes from just one case and doing the genomic editing of every single case that we get so that you can understand what it is. “When you can get to that level of thoroughness you know you will not have to go back to another lockdown if you have one of these horrible new variants.”

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