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Dog groomer shows her support for key workers by dying her poodle rainbow colours

A dog groomer has gone the extra mile to show her support for the NHS and key workers - by dyeing her pet poodle all the colours of the rainbow! Accompanied by his very own 'poodle paparazzi' when his owner, Katie Darcey, 23, walks him around their local area in Farnborough, Hampshire, three-year-old pooch Joey has quite a fan club. And his multi-coloured dream coat is just one of the looks that gets the flash bulbs popping when the handsome hound, who Katie adopted 18 months ago, sports when he steps out in public. Also known to like having a blue and green tail, a fluorescent green all over look and a love heart design, a natural showman, Joey - whose virgin fur colour is bright white - loves to upstage the springer spaniels, Rosie, 14, and Honey, three, who he lives with. Katie said: "Whenever I take him for a walk, it’s like having paparazzi following us. "Strangers love to take pictures – from a safe distance, of course – and people even stop in their cars to talk to us. "

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