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Dominic Cummings says he left out 'crucial part' of explanation for breaking lockdown rules

Dominic Cummings has said he left out a “crucial part” of his explanation as to why he broke lockdown rules and travelled to County Durham when he held a press conference in Downing Street’s rose garden last year. Mr Cummings told MPs he was “extremely sorry” about the episode and that “that whole episode was definitely a major disaster for the Government and for the Covid policy”, but said there were security issues he had not previously revealed. He said in February his wife had told him there was a gang outside the family home “saying they’re going to break into the house and kill everybody inside”, and it was decided with the Cabinet Office after that – combined with press coverage with prompted more threats – that he would move his family out of London to his parents’ home in County Durham regardless of lockdown rules.

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