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Video: Body coach and nutrition guru Joe Wicks visits Belfast

Online nutrition/body coach Joe Wicks had a sell-out crowd at his book signing in Eason's in Belfast city centre today.

Using Instagram, Joe created the concept 'Lean in15' as a way of both showcasing some of the food contained within his meal plan and to inspire people to take control of their diet with quick, fun and easy cooking.

He was at Eason's today to sign copies of his new book of the same name, which has sold 300,000 copies in the past month.

"I started on Instagram by posting 15-second videos and now a year later I have this book out which is smashing all records - so I'm pretty happy," he said.

The book features 100 recipes of 15-minute healthy meals and two work-outs people can do at home without needing any equipment.

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