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Video: 'Posh' Gogglebox stars Steph and Dom have a 'hoot' doing the show

Steph and Dom Parker, the 'posh' armchair TV critics from the hit Channel 4 show Gogglebox, were in Belfast today (Friday).

They swapped their settee - where the nation sees them giving their opinions on the latest offerings on the small screen - to sit behind a desk signing copies of their new book, 'Steph and Dom's Guide to Life'.

Steph said: "It's not so much a self-help book as just us telling how we've got through a lot of things together. We hope people find it useful and entertaining."

In Eason's store in Belfast the pair were at loggerheads over which type of TV each preferred.

"He likes comedies such as Two And A Half Men, which I can't stand - I'm more of a light crime - Lewis and Midsomer Murders type of person," said Steph.

Dom hit back: "Steph likes a lot of that Nordic crime stuff - but I can't be bothered with the subtitles."

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