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Video: Watch Hunger Games make-up artist Brian Kinney transform Belfast model into Effie Trinket

Belfast based Titanic Creative Management are training home grown talent to become Make-up Artists.

Erika Clark from Titanic Creative Management, explained the need to bring training to local talent here in Northern Ireland, " With Game of Thrones and Dracula happening at the same time, there wasn't enough Northern Irish Make-up Artists here. So a lot of people were brought over from England and elsewhere to work here and we thought well, shouldn't that be local artists?"

Titanic Creative Management brought over professional make-up artist Brian Kinney to pass on his movie experience to special workshops at the Movie House cinema on Dublin Road.

Brian Kinney worked on the Hunger Games Parts 1 and 2 and with the arrival of the latest and final instalment in the Hunger Games trilogy, he set to work recreating some of his iconic styles.

Brian explained, "I am really excited to see what Titanic Creative Management are doing to encourage young people to follow this career in Belfast and with the support of Movie House Cinemas they are achieving this goal! I am very excited to give back and inspire young people with this workshop - I can't wait to see the results!”

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