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Former PE teacher pays tribute to ‘humble’ world champion Dina Asher-Smith

Dina Asher-Smith’s former PE teacher reflects on the runner's gold medal in the 200m final at the World Championships in Doha. Arlette Meador speaks of the school's pride in their sporting star alumni and how Dina’s trophies are inspiring current students. She talks of the initial moment the school spotted Asher-Smith’s potential during a sports day in 2008.Current students at Newstead Wood school say they raced home to watch Dina take the top prize. Asher-Smith is the first British woman to win a major global sprint title, securing the first British gold medal of the games, days after achieving silver in the 100m. Interviewees in order: Arlette Meador - Dina’s Former PE Teacher Voxpops from students: Glynnis Agyapong year 9, Isabella Basson year 9, Abigail Smith year 10, Holly Lewis Year 9, Tamryn van Selm year 11, Alaia Rubio Perez year 11, and Alan Blount, Headteacher Newstead Wood School.

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