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Girl with extremely rare and severe condition celebrates her uniqueness

A girl with an extremely rare and severe condition that meant she was born encased in thick plates of skin – like a ‘butterfly in a cocoon’ – is now spreading her wings to become a model and celebrate her uniqueness. Harper Foy, five, of Edmonds, Washington, USA, is thought to be one of only 20 people in the US with harlequin ichthyosis (HI) – which makes her skin grow 10 times faster than normal and means she needs three long baths a day and moisturising around-the-clock to keep it under control. Determined not to let her unusual appearance dent her confidence, her real estate broker mum Angie Foy, 44, signed her up to a modelling agency before the pandemic hit and, now the world is returning to normal, Harper cannot wait to pursue her dream of seeing her face on billboards.

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