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Grenfell fire: Boris Johnson gives message on third anniversary

In a video message, Prime Minister Boris Johnson says he is “absolutely committed” to uncovering the causes of the Grenfell Tower fire and “ensuring it’s never repeated”. “We’ve introduced stricter laws on fire safety, launched a billion-pound fund to remove dangerous cladding and created a new watchdog to protect the residents of tall buildings,” he said. “We’re working to implement every recommendation made by the first phase of the public inquiry. And the second phase, while it’s been delayed by coronavirus, is slowly but surely getting to the definitive truth of how this disaster was allowed to happen. “I know this anniversary is particularly hard, coming at a time when so many survivors and bereaved can’t even come together to share a hug. “While those affected by Grenfell are not able to gather in person, I want you to know that all of us in this country are with you in spirit. “You will not be forgotten. We stand with you, we weep with you and we are with you, today and always.”

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