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Gym-loving eight-year old trains five times a week and can lift the weight of a toddler

Pint-sized powerhouse Kymani Bartlett is just eight years old, but can already lift 15kg - or 2st 3lb - the same weight as a child of three. The Australian youngster enjoys gymnastics, netball and high-intensity drills more commonly associated with Olympic weightlifting - including squats, burpees, kettlebells and planks. She has won an international fitness competition and her mum, Maali, 39, and dad Haeata, 36 - who have five more children, including identical triplets - say she started copying their workouts at a year old and joined special children's gym classes when she turned three. Explaining how her daughter now trains five times a week - fuelled by protein shakes - and "holds her own in a class full of adults”, Maali, who owns a hair salon near her home just outside Sydney, said: “We are an active family, so Kymani has been around sport and fitness her whole life."

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