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How could a no-deal Brexit be stopped?

The UK is due to leave the EU on October 31 this year. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called for Brexit to happen on this date, come what may, deal or no deal. MPs return to Parliament from their summer break next Tuesday. With the Commons due to rise again during the annual autumn party conference season, there are only a few weeks of sitting days in September and October, when MPs who oppose a no-deal Brexit, could try to act, before Britain is due by default to exit the EU on October 31. The options: 1. Leave with a deal. Either accepting the current withdrawal agreement as it stands or negotiating a new divorce bill. One of the biggest sticking points remains  The Institute for Government predicts it's “very unlikely” the UK will leave with a deal by October 31. 2. MPs attempt to legislate to stop no-deal. Some MPs have been expressing opposition to no-deal, but that alone will not prevent it from happening. There needs to be a change in the law, pushed through by a majority in the Commons to stop it. Any legislation, if passed, could force the government to request another extension from the EU. This is something Jeremy Corbyn is trying to do. 3. Holding a vote of no confidence. Opposition MPs would have to table a motion led by Jeremy Corbyn creating an emergency government of national unity. But MPs are divided on Mr Corbyn leading such a process. Also, Boris Johnson could refuse to follow constitutional convention to resign. And again, it the government suspends parliament, it will leave the opposition very little time to do this. 4. Holding a general election. If Boris Johnson would need at least 66% of MPs to agree to it. There is speculation the Tories want an election, to potentially win more seats in the Commons. MPs could also force an election, though a vote of no confidence. 5. Hold a second referendum on Britain’s EU membership. The conservatives are against this idea and have been since the first public vote in 2016. Such a move could only happen with Government support, This option failed to get a parliamentary majority during the indicative votes process earlier this year.

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