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Huawei to gain limited access to 5G network in UK

The Foreign Secretary’s statement on Huawei, given in the House of Commons on Tuesday afternoon. Dominic Raab said the Government’s decision to use Huawei technology in its 5G network does not affect the UK’s ability to share “highly sensitive intelligence data” with Five Eyes security partners. In a statement to MPs, Mr Raab said: “I want to be absolutely clear that nothing in this review affects this country’s ability to share highly sensitive intelligence data over highly secure networks both within the UK and with our partners including the Five Eyes. “GCHQ has categorically confirmed that how we construct our 5G and full-fibre public networks has nothing to do with how we share classified data. “And the UK’s technical security experts have agreed that new controls on high-risk vendors are completely consistent with the UK’s security needs.” Mr Raab said risks “cannot be eliminated” but a new regulatory system would mitigate them. He said: “I hope the whole House will agree that if we are to achieve our digital connectivity ambitions it is absolutely imperative that we can trust in the safety and the security of our telecoms networks. “Risks can’t be eliminated in telecoms, but it is the job of Government, Ofcom and industry to work together to ensure we reduce our vulnerabilities and mitigate those risks.”

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