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Husband and wife keep nation entertained from kitchen table with magazine-style TV show

A Scottish husband and wife duo are entertaining the nation from their kitchen table with a magazine-style TV show, featuring acts including a world record breaker who baths in baked beans,  a ventriloquist and a rap star. Calling their homegrown production Moreish TV, as they "give a little bit more," Edinburgh couple Craig and Debbie Stephens - veterans of the entertainment industry, who normally run a recording studio - started their now weekly show in April to help struggling performers during the Covid-19 pandemic. The variety-style broadcast - which Craig, 51, and Debbie, 56, present, film and edit at their kitchen table, then post to YouTube, where it attracts thousands of viewers -  comes as the National Campaign for the Arts has painted a bleak picture for the future and venues like London’s Southbank Centre look set to stay closed until April 2021.  Now the Stephens want their show to provide a platform where entertainers can perform and build their fanbase while venues are closed - featuring diverse guests from around the world, including singers from X Factor, America’s Got Talent and The Voice Indonesia.

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