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Joseph Gordon-Levitt: In this moment I think a lot of us are feeling claustrophobic

Joseph Gordon-Levitt discusses similarities with his new film 7500 with lockdown. He plays a pilot whose plane is hijacked in the tense thriller 7500. The film is shot entirely in the cockpit of the plane, with Gordon-Levitt largely alone and much of the drama of the hijacking taking place beyond his re-enforced locked door, as he watches in horror on a video screen. During lockdown he has been living with his two young sons, both under the age of five, with his tech executive wife Tasha McCauley. The little ones are the reason we haven’t seen Gordon-Levitt around for a little while. The film is directed by first-time filmmaker Patrick Vollrath, who also co-wrote the script with Senad Halilbasic. 7500 is out now on Amazon Prime Video.

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