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Keir Starmer warns Johnson against not acting quickly enough to contain second wave

Sir Keir Starmer has said the worst thing Boris Johnson can do would be to “not act quickly and decisively enough”. He added: “Finally I want to say this to the Prime Minister. I know that there will be some on his side who will oppose further restrictions, there will be those who look at the data and tell him to disregard it or say the cost of acting now is too high. “I want to be clear – the worst thing the Prime Minister can do is not act quickly and decisively enough, or to keep coming back to this House every couple of weeks with a new plan that doesn’t work and isn’t up to the scale of the task. “We need to break that cycle, finally get on top of the virus, rebuild public confidence. I hope the measures announced today will do so, but the House and the country will be deeply sceptical whether they can.”

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