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Kentucky wildlife officials use 'electrofishing' to fight invasive species

Kentucky wildlife officials used 'electrofishing equipment' to shoot electric currents through water and fight back against an invasion of Asian carp. Monitoring the status of the carp population is difficult so the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources decided to try to use electricity to catch them. The department used a special boat equipped with electrodes that penetrate the surface of the water. When an electric current is pumped through the system it passes through the water and affects all the fish in the immediate area, causing them to spasm. The fish aren’t immediately killed. The effect only lasts for seconds, but that’s long enough for wildlife officials to scoop them up and place them in holding bins. Wildlife organizations use electrofishing mostly to survey or tag fish, quickly returning them to the water. However, because the Asian carp are an invasive species, the ones caught in the video were ultimately harvested and sold.

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