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Kwasi Kwarteng seeks to reassure those still without power following Storm Arwen

More than 95% of people who lost power amid Storm Arwen have had their supply restored, but 30,000 are still affected, the Business Secretary has said. Making a statement in the Commons on efforts to restore power to homes, Kwasi Kwarteng said: “I’m glad to say that over 95% of those affected by the storm, over 935,000 customers, have had their power supply restored so far and I’d like to thank the engineers for their hard work and perseverance. “However there are still 30,000 as of 8am this morning who are without power.” He added: “I also want to reassure people who are still without power, who are exhausted, who are worried and who are angry that we are all working incredibly hard to make sure that their normal conditions return.”

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