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Little girl reunited with her sister after 13 weeks in a sterile hospital bubble

Twelve-year-old Evie Timmins has hugged her little sister for the first time in four months after being forced to live in an airlocked hospital ward, awaiting a stem cell transplant, due to a rare immune disorder. Evie was diagnosed with a variable immune disease with an unknown cause at 18 months old. It is an antibody deficiency which leaves her body unable to defend itself against bacteria and viruses. As her condition seemed to worsen, specialists advised that her only option was stem cell donation, which meant staying in an ultra-secure children's facility, away from the majority of her family. The risks were only made high, due to the pandemic. Having had the treatment, she has been able to see her younger sister after months of being apart. She is still in recovery, and is living away separately from her family, but has hopes to soon be together at home once again.

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