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Man arrested after dousing police in petrol and property set alight

Warning: bad language and violent throughout. Credit: Greater Manchester Police Police body cam footage shows how a 51 year old man was arrested in Bolton after he doused officers with petrol and set a property alight. Shortly before 11pm on Friday 11 December 2020, officers attended an address on Market Street in Farnworth to carry out an arrest for very recent domestic violence offences . As officers attempted to detain him, he threw petrol over officers and himself and threatened to set himself on fire. As officers entered the property the man set fire to the doorway before attempting to barricade himself inside. The suspect was safely detained and arrested on suspicion of malicious communications, breach of a restraining order, arson with intent to endanger life and assault on an emergency services worker. He was taken to hospital where he was assessed for smoke inhalation and minor injuries, he remains in custody. An officer was also taken to hospital and treated for suspected chemical burns. He has subsequently been discharged.

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