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Meet the woman who can 'speak' to fairies

A woman has opened up about how she has seen fairies and leprechauns all her life – and says their mythical magic is the secret to her age-defying looks. Whenever Flavia Peters tells people her age – 50 – they often remark how much younger than that she looks. And she believes the key to fighting ageing is fairy magic. Ever since she was little, Flavia, of Buxton, Derbyshire, has had a strong bond with fables and folklore, saying she first saw a fairy, which looked like a “mesmerising” flash of light, in the woodland by her home when she was just three. Now, she has decided to use her gift to help others and holds regular workshops during which she teaches people how to connect with the fairy realm – as well as casting spells to help them with anything they are lacking in life, from luck to love. She said: “I’m 50 now – though much older in fairy years - but people always tell me I look younger. I am sure it’s because I work with fairy energy. “Like me, fairies are old souls but appear much younger – I call it their fairy glamour!


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