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Mum ditches veganism in favour of raw meat diet

A mum-of-two claims she is feeling healthier than ever after ditching veganism in favour of a raw meat diet – washed down with 12 egg yolks a day. Suffering since the beginning of 2018 with a long list of ailments, including fatigue, acne and panic attacks, Jo Tyler, 28, tried to alleviate her symptoms by becoming a vegan, after reading about it on social media – often eating nothing but fruit and vegetables. But, when she saw no signs of her health improving after 18 months, at the beginning of 2020, the full-time mum of Williamsburg, Virginia, USA, had a drastic change of heart and adopted a ‘primal diet,’ consisting of raw or minimally processed foods. Claiming she has “never felt better,” Jo, who has two children, son Alexander, eight, and daughter Rae, two, with her husband, gas and electrical engineer Matt, 30, now wolfs down raw chicken, intestines and hearts, saying: “Within four months of following the raw meat diet, I was completely back to normal. “My acne disappeared, and my skin seemed plump and hydrated for the first time in years. “All of my allergic reactions went away and my anxiety disappeared.”

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