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Mum of baby with unique black ‘batman’ birthmark hits back at those calling the tot ‘monster’

A mum whose baby girl has a unique black birthmark covering most of her face in the shape of a butterfly, or batman mask, has hit back at cruel strangers who’ve dubbed the adorable tot “a monster who should be killed”. Carol Fenner, 35, and her partner Thiago Tavares, 32, were initially shocked when their four-month-old daughter Luna Fenner was born with the distinctive mark, which is known as a giant congenital melanocytic nevus (GCMN) and affects just one in 20,000 newborns worldwide. Worryingly, doctors warned it could be cancerous, but thankfully, an MRI scan soon showed it was not. Setting up an Instagram page to help raise awareness of birthmarks, Carol, of South Florida, USA, has been buoyed by positive comments, with many of her 70,000 followers sweetly dubbing Luna a “little butterfly.” But shockingly, the baby – Carol and Thiago’s first child – has also been subject to horrific trolling. Carol, who worked in sales before Luna was born, said: “A lot of her followers call her little butterfly because of the shape of her birthmark.”


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