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Mum sells her £90,000 house and all her possessions to travel in a motorhome with her family

A mum-of-two has sold her £90,000 house and all her possessions, ditching the 9 to 5 to travel the world in a motorhome with her husband and young children after being rocked by a series of bereavements. When Rosie Beeson, 27, held a demanding role as an HR specialist for the British Army and her husband Dan, 48, worked long hours as a production manager, life for them and their children, Monty, eight, and Winter, five, was hectic. Their “wake up call” came after losing several beloved family members – including Dan’s mum Lulu, 76, in July 2015, his dad Roger, 75, in July 2016, and Rosie’s father Paul Hodgson, 65, who died after a seven month battle with liver cancer in December 2016 – prompting them to rethink their lives. VIDEO Rosie, of Ilkeston, Derbyshire, said: “We lost so many relatives, it felt like every few months there was another funeral to plan. “Dan’s mum left him some inheritance, so we bought our house – a three-bedroom terraced home – outright. We thought the kids would have that as savings one day when we were no longer around. “I didn’t inherit anything when my dad died and Dan and I realised it wouldn’t have made the grief any easier. When you lose a parent, money isn’t a comfort. It’s the happy memories that get you through.”


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