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One Direction's Story Of My Life video 'shredded' by comedy duo Sam and Rick

One Direction
One Direction
One Direction
Singer Harry Styles
One Direction

By Claire Cromie

The latest One Direction video to go viral may feature the handsome young faces of Harry Styles, Zayn, Louis, Niall and Liam - but the singing is bad enough to make any 1D fan sob into their merchandised pillow.

The song has been "shredded" by comedy duo Sam and Rick - turning the global pop hit into an eardrum-bursting spoof (video below).

Posted to their YouTube channel SamviciousOFFICIAL, it features the mischievous pair's silly voices dubbed over the original to impressive comedy timing.

Harry Styles appears to screech an out-of-tune chorus while Louis forgets his words.

The video has already had over two million views, with Twitter users joking that it's the best live performance they've ever seen the band give.

Pranksters Sam and Rick describe themselves as "just two guys having fun in the recording studio".

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