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Owner saves her paralysed kitten’s life with £11.99 baby oil

A woman told how she has twice worked her magic to save Twinkle, her paralysed cat – first rescuing her as a kitten, when she was flung from a car window, and more recently by curing a badly infected abscess using £11.99 baby oil. Animal behaviourist Michaela Lanarth, 57, first encountered Twinkle while out walking her dogs, Misty and Luca, in December 2016, near her home in Luton, Bedfordshire, when a passing car tossed what she initially thought was rubbish out of the window. But Misty, a border collie, kept pulling on her lead in the direction of the fly-tipped ‘litter,’ persuading ex-nurse Michaela to investigate and make the horrifying discovery that the dumped item was a tiny kitten. VIDEO Calling an emergency vet to the scene, she was advised that the animal’s injuries were not survivable. But, determined to give her a chance, naming her Twinkle, she took her home and slowly nursed her back to health, saying: “She was a tiny little thing, only around two-or-three weeks old.

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